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America by Bike


  • Ah, the Blue Danube. Sounds as beautiful as Strauss' waltz!!! xo

    Posted by w, Naples, FL [Tue, 17 July 2007]

  • Bill and Dan: I am so envious. This looks like a beautiful ride. Much prettier than Pierre, SD! Be safe. Keith M.

    Posted by Keith Miller, Des Moines, IA [Wed, 11 July 2007]

  • Flat is boring! Climb, climb, climb!!! xo

    Posted by w, Naples, FL [Tue, 10 July 2007]

  • Hi Mr. Weidenfeller, Its Cindy from the Cafe at the Audubon just saying hello...Biking with Bill lol cool stuff..

    Posted by Cindy Vickers, Naples, Florida [Mon, 9 July 2007]

  • Hi Bill - Just read some of the other messages you have received and also lots about your adventure. What a great passion you have. See you back in Naples for more updates about your travels. I'll be following you along the way. Be safe and careful. Carol

    Posted by Carol Hartman, Naples, Florida [Sun, 8 July 2007]

  • I'm enjoying your postings.

    Posted by Mike Stoops, Excel, Alabama [Sat, 7 July 2007]

  • What a great ride.Being 100% Lithuaian the pictures of my Grandparents homeland were special. Perge Ted Ratkus

    Posted by ted ratkus, williamsburg,virginia [Wed, 4 July 2007]

  • I've added some additional security to your guestbook. We now track and log the origin of all guestbook submissions so we can find out who, if necessary, is submitting an entry.

    Posted by Erik, Naples, FL [Wed, 4 July 2007]

  • Love reading along with your trip, Bill, especially Poland where I visited two years ago. I am Jane's cousin. You all be safe! Chuck

    Posted by Chuck, Algona, IA [Sun, 1 July 2007]

  • Hi Bill, you forgot to tell me that you changed sites. I keep looking on the old site. Roger C told me. Will start ctaching up with you now. Take care & ride safvely. Bernice & Andrew

    Posted by Bernice & Andrew, Naples,FL [Sun, 1 July 2007]