Bill Weidenfeller

Home: Naples, FL

Hobbies: Biking, Tennis




Rails to Trails Conservancy

America by Bike


  • Mom and I are enjoying "riding along" and looking at the wonderful sights. I'm glad you are loving each day's adventure. Happy trails!

    Posted by Ann, Rome,NY [Fri, 29 June 2007]

  • Okay, you've gone from ice cream every BEER every day! But don't the socks say it all..."God wants us to know he loves us...that's why he made BEER!" Bottoms up!!! xo

    Posted by w, Naples, FL [Thu, 28 June 2007]

  • Your island cycling sounds perfect...I'm jealous. Loved the "Tchaikovsky's bench" photo! xo

    Posted by w, Naples, FL [Fri, 22 June 2007]

  • Love your blog and the beautiful photos. More than a little envious of your adventures. Say hi to my big sister baby here yet, but very soon! Skeeziks (Sue)

    Posted by Jane's little sister, Des Moines, IA [Fri, 22 June 2007]

  • Bill, I'm enjoying reading about the trip and seeing the photos. My sister Jane is on the trip with you and I'm happy to know what she is up to. Keep up the good work on the blog and be safe. Barb

    Posted by Barb, Sycamore, Illinois [Thu, 21 June 2007]

  • Although I have been enjoying my son's, Dan, daily news, I also enjoy your detailed account of your travels and pictures. You are doing a great job. Dolly

    Posted by dolly crandall, morgan hill, ca [Wed, 20 June 2007]

  • 8:30am departure?!! You're getting soft, Weidenfeller!!!

    Posted by w, Naples, FL [Wed, 20 June 2007]

  • Thanks for bringing us up to date. I have been hearing from my brother Dan (Crandall) and with your commentary and pics as well, I am getting a pretty good idea of your life on th road. Keep safe.

    Posted by Denise, Pomona, Ca [Mon, 18 June 2007]

  • As always, I'm enjoying the latest installments of "Adventures with Bill"! Sounds like quite a departure from the "Ritz". It's good for you...builds character! xo

    Posted by w, Naples, FL [Sun, 17 June 2007]

  • I hope you are challenged, interested in your surroundings, and having a great adventure. I wish we were there.

    Posted by Barbara Kramen-Kahn, Truckee, CA [Sun, 17 June 2007]